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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is the eMatrimony mission statement?

"As an online publication of Worldwide Marriage Encounter, eMatrimony serves as a resource to support, encourage, and challenge couples, priests, and religious to live the values of the WWME experience and grow stronger in their efforts to renew the church and change the world."

How can I submit news or an article to eMatrimony?

Contact the editors at   They will provide you with instructions.  You will need:
- A descriptive title for your article
- A catchy, short description of your article
- Author information, and
- The article itself in a usable format.

May we reprint an article we find on eMatrimony?

From our Copyright Statement:

"Permission to use content is granted for uses that explicitly promote the mission and values of Worldwide Marriage Encounter, Inc.  The materials from our site are available for informational and noncommercial uses only, provided the content is not modified in any way, all copyright and other notices on any copy are retained, and proper attribution to eMatrimony.org is made.  Any other use is prohibited.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure if your use meets this criteria."

How do I contact someone at eMatrimony?

Easy!  Visit our Contact Us page.  We encourage your feedback about this site.

How often does eMatrimony publish?

We do not have periodic "editions" the way a print publication does.  Our goal is to provide periodic new articles for readers.  Please sign up for eMatrimony o tget the newsletter via email.

Where are the "back issues" of eMatrimony?

We don't have "issues" or "editions" like a traditional magazine.  Our latest articles are always on the front page of the site, and older stories can be found by either browsing through the menu on the left-hand side of each page, or using our Search feature.  No article is deleted from eMatrimony, and if you link to an article, we won't change the URL and we guarantee you link will work as long as our site is here.

Can I get eMatrimony via email?

Yes. To sign up, just click here.

Is my email address safe if I give it to eMatrimony?

Yes.  Please see our Privacy Statement.

What happened to Matrimony Magazine?

Publication of Matrimony Magazine unfortunately had to be discontinued due to the high cost of production and printing.  This web site can never fully replace Matrimony, but it is designed to keep the WWME Community informed, enriched, and entertained.

Are articles on eMatrimony available in a printable format?

Currently, most but not not all articles are available in a printable format.  Eventually, in addition to their on-line formats, all articles (as appropriate) will be available in a printer-friendly format, or as an Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) file. 

Get Adobe Reader Get  the free Adobe Reader software by clicking here

How can I get an eMatrimony screen saver for my computer?

1) Click here to download the image file (.BMP, 505KB). Store it on your hard drive
2) In Windows Control panel, open Display settings
3) Click the Screen Saver tab
4) In the Screen Saver pull-down, selecd "3D Flying Objects"
5) Click Settings... then Texture... and navigate to the file you saved in step 1).
6) Select the .bmp file, click Open, then click OK until you exit Display settings.
7) Enjoy your new screen saver!

Can I link to eMatrimony from my web site?

Yes, please do!  Click here for the instructions.  Let us know ( ) if you do link to eMatrimony from your WWME site, and we will happily provide a reciprocal link.

Does eMatrimony offer an RSS news feed?

Yes! Look for the XML/RSS buttons on our home page, or just click here:

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Last Update: May 28, 2009