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Inviting Help

WWME Inviting Video Available Online

If you want to share the official WWME inviting video, you don’t need to use a video tape or DVD – it’s now available online!


2007 Detroit Area WWME Share the Dream Rally

2007 Detroit Area WWME Share the Dream Rally

The Detroit Area gathered for a fun exciting rally to increase the inviting efforts and support other WWME values in their community. Come and cruise with them into some fantastic inviting ideas.


Prayer for Inviting

Here is an inspirational prayer for inviting to share with your community.


Bishop and Priest Meetings

Gaining your Bishop’s support for WWME can go a long ways in improving Weekend attendance. If you are considering contacting your Bishop or Archbishop, as the couple in this article did, please coordinate your efforts with your Local Area Leaders and/or Section Coordinators.


Aloha Inviting Ideas

The Aloha State sends some of their Inviting Ideas and asks you to return the favor. If you are like us you would love to return the favor in person.


Praying for Weekend Recruiting

A National request for prayers to increase Weekend attendance. Please add your prayers to help our beloved Worldwide Marriage Encounter continue to renew the Church and change the world.


Florida Shares a Dynamic Inviting Idea

What could be better than free advertising that hits the target audience? Ask and you shall receive.


Detroit Weekend Enthusiasm Leads to Inviting

One of the greatest things about this Weekend referral was to hear my husband describe what a wonderful Weekend it was and hearing him say things about our marriage I never really thought I would.


South Jersey Advertises WWME in a Big Way

South Jersey Advertises WWME in a Big Way

A request from the Inviting Listserv for “out of the box” inviting ideas was an opportunity to share a South Jersey accomplishment.


Section 11 Inviting Challenge

Here for your adaptation is the Inviting Challenge Section 11 issued to the lovers in their Section.


Out of the Box Inviting Ideas

Section 11 is completing a six month Inviting Challenge that has increased Weekend attendance. Here are some of the “Out of the Box” ideas they tried.


Love Float 2006

This year is the 23rd Annual Love Float and it is going to be AN INVITING EVENT. Combine family fun, the love of Worldwide Marriage Encounter lovers, a float on the Niobrara River AND inviting all in one! Read on for information about this wonderful WWME opportunity to be held at the Keller State Park, near Long Pine, Nebraska.


Detroit Area Issues Inviting Challenge

The Detroit Area has an inviting challenge issued to spur on an increase in Weekend inviting. If you have a similar challenge in your Area, please share it with us.


Marriage Encounter Reconnects Couples

Looking for a good way to get some WWME publicity? How about submitting an article to your local Catholic Media? Take a look at the attached for good suggestions.


Put the Spark Back Into Your Marriage!

First of three ideas for an article to place in your local Catholic Newspaper to invite couples to make a WWME Weekend. This article will require you to make revisions to insert your story and to provide dates and registration information applicable to your area.


Couples Can Fall In Love Again

Second of three ideas for an article to place in your local Catholic Newspaper to invite couples to make a WWME Weekend. This article will require you to make revisions to insert your story and to provide dates and registration information applicable to your area.


Marriage, What is it Really All About?

Third of three ideas for an article to place in your local Catholic Newspaper to invite couples to make a WWME Weekend. This article will require you to make revisions to insert your story and to provide dates and registration information applicable to your area.


Section 11 Inviting Challenge

Use new ideas, use old ideas, but make the effort to invite a couple, priest or religious to attend a Weekend in your area. Your word-of-mouth invitation is the best advertisement for Worldwide Marriage Encounter.


Invite to the Weekend Whenever and Wherever You Can

Invite to the Weekend Whenever and Wherever You Can

To "Renew the Church and Change the World", you have to tell people about your Weekend. You never know how far God's words can be heard, or how they might change people's lives.


Long Island Loveboat

Long Island Loveboat

Not all of us live in an area where a love boat is accessible, but with some imagination I bet you could come up with an alternative way to gather couples together for an evening of enjoyment and an invitation to attend a Weekend.


Inviting Prescription

Inviting Prescription

Needing a boost in your inviting energy? This might be just what the doctor ordered.


Inviting Dialogue Questions

Needing a boost to your inviting strategies? How about spending some dialogue time looking at your attitudes and desires?


In Five Years We Will Change the World

In Five Years We Will Change the World

What is your local community inviting plan? If you fail to plan how will you know if your plan failed and how to make improvements?


Passing on the Dream, The "Stake" Weekend

Passing on the Dream, The "Stake" Weekend

Looking for an inviting technique that can be ongoing and Community Building? Consider how you might turn this Dream into a continual effort in your local area.


Everyone's a Winner in the National Inviting Challenge

Everyone's a Winner in the National Inviting Challenge

See which Sections successfully invited the most number of Sacraments to attend a Weekend.


You Are Cordially Invited

You Are Cordially Invited

We cannot change the world unless we are willing to be a part of it. We cannot change hearts unless we are willing to embrace them. We cannot give life to others unless we have nurtured life in our own relationship.


Section 11 Inviting Challenge a Success

Need more couples for your Weekends? How about some good old-fashioned competition to boost the numbers?


The Lost Wallet

Always be prepared to invite couples and priests to make a Weekend, you never know when or how the opportunity will arise.


North Central Alabama Setting and Reaching Inviting Goals

North Central Alabama is filling their Weekends. They set goals and they are reaching them.


How Detroit Has Overflowing Weekends

These statistics speak for themselves: September '04 - 22 couples, October '04 - 26 couples, November '04 - 34 couples, February '05 - 38 couples, March '05 24 couples and counting.


Steps To Getting A WWME Billboard Advertisement

Steps To Getting A WWME Billboard Advertisement

Houston South Area of Section 10 advertises Texas-style – BIG!


Put Passion Back in Your Marriage

Can you think of a better place to invite Catholics to attend a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend than a national Catholic publication?


Marketing & Sales

It's not enough to just advertise and promote Marriage Encounter - it needs to be sold.


Archdiocese for the Military Services Outreach

Fr Dennis Hughes and Dave & Lucy Snyder

Almost everyone who has attended a WWME Weekend knows that "HDIFAT" is an abbreviation for "How Do I Feel About That," but hardly anybody knows what WWME-AMSO stands for. It's a program developed by Dave & Lucy Snyder and Fr. Dennis Hughes and supported by Bishop John J. Kaising.


Long Island Couple Interviewed on Television

How are your inviting efforts working? Here is a couple that is having their interview aired on a spiritual television channel during February and March.


An Inviting Idea from Section 11

If we all work like everything depends on us and pray like everything depends on God our Weekends will be filled with waiting lists. This is what happened when these couples took this advice to heart.


Gorskis Start Parish Couples Program

See how one couple, inspired at the National Convention, is making a difference to renew the Church by supporting the values of marriage in their parish. Activities like these can be fun, build parish communities and draw couples to the Marriage Encounter Weekends.


Look what the Inviting Task Force in St. Louis did to advertise
Worldwide Marriage Encounter!

St Louis Billboard Click for a larger inage (JPG, 105KB)


Great Things Happening In San Jose

Eavesdrop on these emails telling about great things happening in San Jose inviting.


Inviting Ideas from the Conroys

Here are some Inviting Ideas from Section 2.


Inviting Ideas From the El Paso/Las Cruces Area

Here are a couple of new Inviting strategies sent in by Allen & Monika Fields of the El Paso/Las Cruces Area.


Interfaith Awareness and Publicity

A collection of downloadable materials to promote WWME weekends in your area.  There are four themes available - "Families", "Romance", "Spirit", and "Get Connected", each emphasizing a different aspect of the marriage relationship.  Within each theme, you will find publicity material such as posters, web images, and audio files.


Bulletin Announcement Catalog

The National Weekend Pillar has provided a complete catalogue of bulletin announcements you can use throughout the year. To view the catalogue, click here.


Invite to Renew the Church & Change the World

We clearly heard God's call on the Weekend to make a difference in the world around us! We responded by becoming active in personal inviting. We offer the following suggestions to you to help you with your inviting efforts.


WWME Inviting Video Information

Order the WWME Inviting Video or find it online.


Ask Your Pastor to Include a WWME link in your Parish website



Romantic Dinners

Romance Dinner Planning Information Guide

The purpose of a Romance Dinner is to provide the atmosphere and opportunity for couples attending to reminisce about their dating days and early marriage. We are giving them a taste of what they can recapture for their relationships by attending a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend.  This outline, which is an update of the "Build It" resources, includes planning, setup, and running a Romance Dinner.

Pulpit Talks

Why It Feels Good To Do Pulpit Talks

This must be a dream, could it be true? If only all pulpit talks were like this!


Role-Play Pulpit Talk

Check out this innovative pulpit talk; give it a try and write to tell us your successes. If you have innovative inviting techniques that have worked for you, send us an article so that we can share them with the rest of the Worldwide Marriage Encounter Family.



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