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Intentions & Requests - Prayers



Prayer: A Dialogue with God

Prayer: A Dialogue with God

"To us, prayer is the language of faith. It is addressing words from the heart to God. It is a dialogue with God, and as in any dialogue, both parties speak and both listen."


Couple Prayer – Building Bridges to Each Other, Others, and the Father

Couple Prayer – Building Bridges to Each Other, Others, and the Father

"Again I tell you, if two of you join your voices on earth to pray for anything whatever, it shall be granted you by my Father in heaven. Where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in their midst." (Mt. 18: 19, 20)


Prayer as Communication

Prayer as Communication

“We all look into the eyes of the same God; but, it is only when we dare to share who my God is to me today that our spouse can begin to know our attitudes, our feelings and our needs in this area. When we listen to our spouse telling us who their God is, then we can begin to take on more of our spouse.”


Scripture Prayer, Listening to God’s Word

Scripture Prayer, Listening to God’s Word

In our daily dialogue we share our love letter with our spouse. Similarly, Scripture Prayer is like reading God’s love letter to us.


Best That When Praying, We Mind What We're Saying

Best That When Praying, We Mind What We're Saying

How often do you really think about the words you pray, and their meaning?


Fr. Tim Vakoc is needs our love and prayers

Please help us to show Fr. Tim Vakoc (pronounced VA kich) how much love WWME can offer our priests. Flood the CaringBridge.org site with your prayers and encouragement for Fr. Tim. Please identify yourselves as being involved with Worldwide Marriage Encounter when you write Fr. Tim.


Rosary Challenge

Section 10 invites and challenges all Marriage Encounter couples and priests to join them in praying the Rosary every Wednesday for Worldwide Marriage Encounter.


Prayer for Inner Healing

This prayer was offered as a part of the Priest Day for the 2005 WWME National Convention presentation titled "God the Father".


Marriage Encounter Stations of the Cross

This may be used for prayer as a couple, a family, a group or as a Community. If used in a WWME group, there is a suggested dialogue question and a sharing question. There is also a list of dialogue questions that can be used as a series for daily dialogues.


Who Is Jesus?

Who Is Jesus?

A simple yet powerful poem of prayer and praise.


How To Pray the Rosary

Guidelines for the prayers and intentions included in the Rosary.


The Cracked Pot

A reflection on our flaws and how we, and others, perceive them


The Marriage Creed

Ways to live and think to make your marriage better.

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